Forgotten Keep

August 8th, 2015

A casual, soft, medieval-themed 2D RTS

Harvest crops, forest wood & mine stone to help build up your settlement and protect the keep. Command troops against the hordes of crypt-born skeletons scattered across the lands. Complete scenarios or simply play a skirmish on a randomly generated map.

Generated Maps

The skirmish game mode procedurally generates a random map each play through. Encounter unique location based challenges or keep trying until you find something that gives you an unfair advantage. Skirmish is available in multiple levels of difficulty including a peaceful mode that does not include enemy structures or troops. Players looking for a more casual experience can use this and find some large plains to cultivate.


A short collection of 3 pre-packaged mission maps that come with independent objectives and accompanying short plot descriptives. These maps have been chosen specifically for the scenario and will always provide the same challenge consistently. These can provide an easy way for new players to quickly progress through learning the different mechanics of the game.

Source Code Available

The complete code, converted to both Javascript and C# can be purchased separately from the game. Complex systems such as A* (Jump point search variant) pathfinding, Perlin noise random procedural UV tile-based terrain generation and many other useful general game and RTS development features can be investigated at your own disposal.